Our Mission

We're on a mission to change the baking aisle by creating a new category of superfood baking mixes. We see a world where everyone can access baked goods that are honest and functional.


  1. Transparency: Honesty, always. Share important news about ingredients and products. Keep customers informed and updated. Honest data and transparent practices. No sketchiness here!
  2. Authenticity: Be open and approachable. Keep things light, real + fun! We’re making brownies, after all.
  3. Quality: Bringing you the best dang baking mixes possible. This is why we source organic ingredients and use zero additives.
  4. Simplicity: Keep ingredients whole, simple and pronounceable.
  5. Responsibility: Businesses have the power to make positive change in the world. We’re working towards a fair-trade, environmentally-friendly, women-empowered supply chain.