FREE Everyday Superfoods E-book

Everyday Superfoods: A simple guide to superfoods for busy people (you, probably).

Why I wrote this book

Honestly, I wrote this because superfoods used to intimidate me. I didn’t know how to use them or what serving size was correct for maximum efficiency. I couldn’t find many recipes online that I could eat every day. When I found a package of lúcuma online, the suggested usage was often “Add a scoop to your smoothie” - rather uninspiring. Yet many of these superfoods are only truly beneficial if used regularly.

In the process of answering my own questions about superfoods, I created this little book to share with you. It’s full of recipes, health benefits and trusted brands that you can reference time and time again.

Who this book is for

This is for all you health nuts, ingredient-readers, farmers-market-goers, foodies, yogis, athletes and “superfood hunters”. But it’s also for you folks who are just looking to make simple improvements to your diets. Who want to feel your best every day. Who are curious about superfoods but don’t know where to begin. This is meant to be an inclusive, approachable guide to the complexities of superfoods.

Sound like you?

Let’s dive in.